Compared Them in 3 phases

Phase 1 : Website and Ordering Experience

In this phase, JOVS delivered an amazing experience with their website and an easy ordering flow. Therefore, JOVS won this phase.

Phase 2 : Packaging and Delivering

All of them had outstanding packaging, but Ulike shined the most with their uniquely high-quality packaging

Phase 3 : Performance and Result

All of them delivered some result within the timeframe, but one stood out among the others and left the rest behind, and that one was Mlay


    I needed something comfortable and accurate. Mlay's auto mode, with 0.5/Sec/Flash, offers a really fast full-body session, even for a hairy body like mine. That provides significant comfort and ease during use.


    After 4 weeks, which included eight sessions, all the products provided results. However, Mlay was the one that created noticeable results by reducing and minimizing hair growth specially under my neck


    Mlay is a 3-in-1 device for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and acne scar removal. The price is the same as the other two, which have single or double functions. But more important than the price is the changeable lens. If the lens breaks or becomes defused after the warranty, you just need to replace the lens, not the entire device. With 500,000 shots, it covers 10 years of full-body use, and a new lens costs only $50-60, so you're good to go again. Having extra lenses allows you to share the device with others without hygiene concerns


That's why I have all of them available here, but only MLAY as a winner product is receiving a special offer and a bonus for their buyers. The other two just have some bonuses for those who prefer them more


T14 - 3 In 1

Mlay offers their best version currently available in the market with ice cooling and replaceable lens and the option to add on skin rejuvenation and acne scar removal lenses. In this challenge, we will only be reviewing the hair removal lens

Meet Mlay T14


Sophire Air 3

The best and latest released product from Ulike, which provides an Auto Glide Mode with higher effectiveness and a faster treatment duration, is what we're going to test in our challenge

Meet Sapphire Air 3


Venus Pro II

This is the most popular product from Jovs in terms of hair removal, which has a unique feature of lens swapping and rotational lens, providing added comfort during treatment. We are going to see how it performs in action.

Meet Venus Pro ll